How It Works

Stainless Steel KittySpout


How To Assemble

How To Change Filters

How To Clean Water Pump


1. Replace the filter and foam every 2 weeks.
2. Clean the pump and fountain every 2 weeks.
3. To extend the life of pump, please add water before starting the fountain.
4. Make sure the water level doesn't go below the water pump height.
5. The filter must be fully soaked before the fountain is turned on; Otherwise, the water may not diffuse through the filter and cause overflow.
6. Do not soak the filter in the fountain tank to avoid dust on the surface.


Yes you can. Just keep an eye on water level so you can add water.

Yes, it is.

One of the reasons you need the filter is because your pet will be drinking from it and the water is recycled through the filter to keep the water clear of debris such as pet fur and pet saliva too.