Our Story

How We Became The #1 Vet Recommended Cat Fountain

The KittySpout Mission

Before KittySpout, cat fountains were a hit or miss.

Traditional cat fountains have always been a guessing game... Will my cat like it? Is it easy to clean? Is it quiet? Is it high quality? Will it last?

Sadly, most of the time it ended with a sub-par fountain that most cats didn't even like...

So at KittySpout, we decided to change things up. Our journey started with a clear goal in mind: build a fountain that cats love and could stand the test of time. But as we delved deeper, our mission grew.

We became set on not just creating the best fountain, but overall health & happiness too. We wanted to help cats across the world.

Vet tested, approved & recommended.

To help cats and their owners around the world we knew we needed to do one thing above all else right. Provide the best vet tested and approved products to ensure our products help improve cat health & happiness.

That's why all of our products have been designed, tested and approved with the help of veterinarian experts to ensure only the best for our cats (because they deserve it).

"KittySpout products are well-researched, well-made, and promote your cat's health and well-being. I highly recommend them as a veterinarian and mother of five cats."

"The KittySpout encourages cats to stay hydrated. With constantly flowing water, cats are likely to drink more. We've seen this with our own cats when we switched from a bowl to the KittySpout."

Committed to giving back.

But that wasn't enough for us, we believe that every cat deserves a loving home and the best care possible. For that reason, we are proud to donate $1 from every order to cat shelters and charities in need.

For every order you place you are supporting the incredible work these shelters do in providing safety, love, care and a home to cats in need.

Because of cat owners like you, we have helped hundreds of cats in need and continue to help hundreds of cats every single month.

The shelters and charities we are supporting:

*If you have a shelter recommendation, please email us at support@kittyspout.com we would love to help out :)

This is just the beggining.

With your help and support we can continue changing cat lives around the world, donating to shelters and charities and provide the best vet-recommended cat products.

We are on a mission to help cats and their owners and we thank every single one of you (and your beautiful fur-babies) who have decided to take the leap and join the KittySpout family!

We are always listening for feedback, recommendations and improvements we could make. If you ever have anything to share, or if you just want to say hi, please email us personally at team@kittyspout.com 😺