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Most Cat Parents Think Their Cat Is Drinking Enough Water. But The Reality Is They Often Aren't...

Find out how you can improve your cats' health & happiness by providing them with fresh, filtered water all day long!

Jul 26 2022 at 9:17am EDT

With hundreds of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about this company that has cat parents celebrating?

Note: After reading, you'll probably never want to go another day without giving your cat this...

It's safe to say that every cat owner on earth wants their cat to live a long, happy life.

But unfortunately, that isn't going to happen if they are dehydrated...

In fact, 1 in 3 cats suffer from dehydration, and most cat owners don't even realize it. 

You see, cats typically maintain themselves in a mildly dehydrated state. Unlike wild cats, which get most of the moisture they need from their prey, indoor cats can't catch any mice, birds, or prey—causing them to naturally have a low thirst drive.

On top of that, cats find standing water to be unsafe. They still follow the instincts of their ancestors in the wild and ignore stagnant water because still water is not safe to drink in the wild. 

So even when there is lots of clean, fresh water in their bowls at home, cats have an inherent low thirst drive and don't drink much.

For these reasons, it is crucial that cats have an attractive water source that entices them to drink more water. Without it, they will likely develop severe health issues that come with dehydration. 

At this point, if you don't have an attractive water source for your cat, you can't afford to wait any longer.

And if you continue to ignore your cats' hydration issue, it will soon become deadly. It can quickly become severe issues like kidney, urinary tract, and bladder infections.  All three of these common dehydration issues can be detrimental to your cats' health and cause a chain reaction of health issues around their body.

So, What Can You Do To Fix Your Cat's Potentially Catastrophic Drinking Issue?

Thanks to a remarkable cat water fountain, you'll be shocked to discover how simple it can be. Many owners are calling it a must-have cat product. And it could be the answer for your cat too.

KittySpout's Health & Happiness Cat Kit rocketed onto the market in 2021 and immediately started making waves on social media. Now, it's one of the highest-rated cat health companies with hundreds of 5-star reviews!

Below are just some of the fountain's game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for cat parents.

Entices Your Cat To Drink More Water

As we've established, your cat needs an attractive water source that gets them to drink more water.

The KittySpout does precisely that by enticing your cats' natural instincts. It gives a constant stream of fresh, clean water that tells their ancestral brain "time to drink." —a simple but perfect solution to a complicated health problem.

Improves Health & Happiness

When you consider how little cats drink, it's no surprise that many cats end up facing some health issues.

What truly makes the KittySpout a game-changer is all the health benefits that come with your cat drinking more water.

Proper water intake improves kidney health, flushes unwanted crystals from the bladder, leads to greater nutrient absorption, and keeps their coat soft and shiny.

In fact, water makes up about 80% of a cat's body, and it is vital to almost all body processes that maintain life. This makes it essential for your cat to drink more water, especially if they are on a dry food diet.

Purifies your cats' water

Just like in the wild, standing water is an excellent breeding ground for nasty bacteria that could make a cat violently ill.

For that reason, you need to stay away from a traditional cat bowl at all costs.

The KittySpout keeps your cat's water circulating, which stops nasty build-ups. 

And is equipped with powerful carbon filters that remove dust, dirt, and other unwanted crud from your cat's water.

Designed By Cat Owners, For Cat Owners

There are hundreds of different cat water fountain options on the market. Unlike other cheap plastic fountains that cause feline acne, break easily, and take forever to clean. The KittySpout is designed by cat owners who were tired of all the issues with these cheap cat fountains.

For that reason, the KittySpout is: 
- Made of premium stainless steel so that it can last for years. 
- Made with only three main parts, so cleaning takes less than 10 minutes.
- Equipped with a super quiet water pump, so you don't get annoyed.

Oh, and if your power ever goes out, some water will stay at the top, so your cat is never left without water. 

Your cat will thank you after just days of using the KittySpout - just like Luna (pictures below)

Simba, a Bengal belonging to a close friend, refused to drink water out of anything but the kitchen sink. He was not nearly getting enough water. But after a few days of getting used to the KittySpout, he was a different cat - and his owner no longer worried about him getting enough water. Put simply...

All cat parents love the KittySpout

"We've gone through several brands and models of these types of water fountains over the years. This one is my favorite by far. My kitty LOVES IT! He refuses to drink from anything else now."

"Our cat LOVES this!! It’s FRESH filtered water and clearly our cat’s favorite go-to for hydration! Great packaging also. Excellent customer care throwing in a little extra toy for my furbaby as a standard. Sweet gesture and appreciated by all of us!. Highly recommend this company and their drinking fountain!"

“I can't tell you how many fountains I've bought over the years, none of which interested my cats (then and now) one bit. But the KittySpout was an instant hit with all three of my boys! Thank you for finally getting it right!!!.”

“We are so happy we found this water KittySpout!! Our beloved girls are drinking more water and are enjoying it!! 😃🐈‍⬛ ”

"I bought this and love it! I have a cat that wouldn't stay out of my sink... always wanted the water on so he cut put his head in and bathe and play. He loves this. Even my older cat uses it now. He has high alkaline in his urine and this has helped so very much. It's easy to clean and quiet and inexpensive for what it's worth”

“I absolutely love it! I'm not constantly refilling cat water bowls all over the house, it can't be tipped over, and the cats REALLY love it.”

“I just wanted to come say thank you! I've been trying to get my cat to drink from a bowl her entire life and she's always chosen to drink from one of my faucets in my house instead. Well, my KittySpout finally arrived, I hooked it up, and she instantly started drinking from it! I couldn't believe it. So thank you so much!!”

How to get the best results for your cat at the best price possible (Plus free shipping & A Free Gift)

After breaking down the success stories of hundreds of thousands of KittySpout customers, we've discovered the best strategy (and quickest shortcut) for optimal results at a price you'll love. You'll find this incredible "KittySpout™ - Health & Happiness Cat Kit" offer on the next page.

As a new KittySpout customer, you'll receive FREE shipping and a FREE gift with any of the kit options.

Incredible Value

KittySpout offers three different Health & Happiness Cat Kit options. A 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month kit

Each cat kit comes with a KittySpout, AC adapter, cleaning brush, and enough filters to cover you for the timeframe given. 

That's what makes the Health & Happiness Cat Kit a steal. With this kit, you save up to $60! As if you decide to purchase filters separately, it will cost you $30-$60 more, and you won't get any of the other items in the kit.

365-day money-back guarantee

The best thing about KittySpout is that they are SO confident it will help your cat they offer a 365-day money-back guarantee! If your cat, for any reason, doesn't love it, you can get your money back. No questions asked!

To take advantage of this special offer today, click the orange button below, and on the next page, choose the kit that works best for you.

SPECIAL READER OFFER: When you try the KittySpout today, you will also get access to the KittySpout Cat Club Private Facebook group. It's filled with great tips and expert advice to make sure you never worry about your cat's health or happiness again.

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