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Cat Parents Won’t Stop Talking About This New Approach to Cat Hydration - Thousands Are Throwing Away Their Water Bowls for THIS

Tested and Approved by Vets Across the U.S, Find Out Why Cats Can’t Get Enough of KittySpout

By Dr. Anna Maria Wolf, DVM

Updated 03/01/2024

“KittySpout is loved by 40,000+ happy cat owners, keep reading to find out why…”

Note: If you want to keep your cat healthy this is a must read...

If your cat is neglecting their water bowl, or seeking running water from your sink or tub faucet, they are likely dehydrated. This can lead to severe health problems if ignored... Find out below how to help them now.

As a professional vet, I can tell you that dehydration is more common in cats than you might know...

1 in 3 cats suffer from dehydration, and most cat owners don't even realize it.

See, cat's typically don't drink much to begin with, and on top of that, they find still water unsafe to drink.

In fact, their instincts are to avoid still water, as its likely to grow bacteria, mold, and other unwanted elements. This is why you'll notice their water bowl untouched time after time, even if its fresh water.

At this point, if you don't have an attractive water source for your cat, you can't afford to wait any longer.

If you continue to ignore the hydration issue your cat is facing, it can soon become deadly...

It can quickly lead to severe health problems like kidney disease, UTI's, bladder stones, and more. This can be detrimental to your cat's health and can lead to other health issues around their body.

Let's be honest, our cats deserve far better. Thanks to this new cat water fountain, the power is within our hands to help them. This simple change in your cat's water intake is the key to a long, happy and healthy life for your cat.

KittySpout Is The Best Solution To Your Cat's Hydration

Just like in the wild, still water is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that can make your cat ill.

For that reason, you need to stay away from a traditional cat bowl at all costs.

KittySpouts filtration system removes 99% of impurities, while its flowing water keeps oxygen levels high, reducing the risk of any bacteria.

All while requiring very little work for cat parents: KittySpout holds enough water for 2 weeks, and takes less than just 10 minutes to clean.

It's Like Giving Your Cat What They've Been Wanting All Along!

Developed with cat's instincts in mind, KittySpout has already made an impact on thousands of feline friends...

It has quickly become the highest rated cat fountain on TrustPilot with hundreds of 5-star reviews, and is the only fountain that is tested and backed by multiple vets like myself.

KittySpout's game-changing fountain will give your cat what they wanted all along,' fresh, clean, filtered running water!

#1 Recommended Cat Fountain By Vets In The U.S

As a professional vet and mother of 5 cat's, I've tested and vetted the KittySpout myself...

I can say with confidence that KittySpout products are well-researched, well-made, and promote your cat's health and well-being.

Vets all over the U.S like myself recommend KittySpout to all cat parents who wants their cat to live a long, happy life.

Does KittySpout Actually Work?

Here's what cat parents are telling us about KittySpout:

★★★★★ Larry B - "KittySpout works great. My cats love them and drink more water now. It has definitely helped with hydrating my cats. It is much better than the bowl of water that I no longer use and is more convenient. I have four kitty spouts. The cats love the toys too."

★★★★★ Natasha G - "My cat Kallie loves the kitty spout! She definitely drinks more water than ever before!! I feel better going out of town now that she has this water fountain. I am glad I invested in it!"

★★★★★ Leah M - "Boku loves his Kitty Spout! He wouldn't drink water unless he was getting fresh running water from my bathroom sink. Now we know he can drink when he's thirsty even if we're not around."

★★★★★ Kim D - "This is the best water fountain I have come across and I've had many!! I'm so happy and my kitties just love it! No mess on the floor, it's quiet, looks awesome in my house.. the water stays cool and clear! Easy to clean too! Yay!"

★★★★★ Alexandra D - "My two fur babies love it! It keeps the water moving, which is great because my cats both always stuck their paws in the water dish and now they don't have to, they just use the spout. It keeps the dish cleaner and is much healthier for them. It holds 4.0L of water which is perfect. It is easy to use and clean, and the new design is very appealing!"

How To Get The Best Hydration Possible For Your Cat At The Best Price Possible!

After breaking down the success stories of thousands of KittySpout customers, I've discovered the best strategy (and quickest shortcut) for optimal results at a price you'll love. You'll find this incredible "KittySpout™ - Health & Happiness Cat Kit" offer on the next page.

As a new KittySpout customer, you'll receive 20% OFF and a FREE gift with any of the kit options (limited time only).

What Is The Cost Of Your Cat's Health?

What is your cats health worth? If your cat could live an extra 1, 3, 5 years or more, what would you pay for that? Well, the sad truth is most cat parents don’t take the necessary measures to ensure their cat does live as long as possible, and instead they let these deadly hydration issues creep up on them VS preventing them in the first place.

Personally, as a mother of 5 cats I'd pay anything to keep my fur babies with me as long as possible...

That’s exactly why thousands of cat parents like myself are turning to the KittySpout Health & Happiness Cat Kit! It helps prevents those deadly health issues so that your cat can live a longer, healthier life (and save you thousands in future vet bills).

See below how this kit will change your cats life at incredible value.

Incredible Value

KittySpout offers three different Health & Happiness Cat Kit options. A 2-month, 4-month, and 6-month kit.

Each cat kit comes with a KittySpout, AC adapter, cleaning brush, and enough filters to cover you for the timeframe given. 

As a new customer, you get 20% off + a free gift when you subscribe! Choose their filter subscription, and get 4 filters delivered every 2 months at 20% off + free shipping on every order.

And, each kit includes the option for FREE pump replacements for life! You'll save $19.95 for every free pump, while never worrying about your cat's health and hygiene.

That's what makes the Health & Happiness Cat Kit a steal. With this kit, you SAVE OVER $60! As if you decide to purchase filters separately from other marketplaces, it will cost you $60 or more, and you won't get any of the other items in the kit. If you subscribe, you'll save another $7 + cost of shipping on each order on top of that!

365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

KittySpout is SO confident they will change your cats life, they offer a 365-day money-back guarantee! If your cat, for any reason, doesn't love it, you can get your money back. No questions asked! So why not give it a try?

Click the orange button below to take advantage of this special offer today

SPECIAL READER OFFER: When you try KittySpout today, you will also get access to the KittySpout Cat Club Private Facebook group. It's filled with great tips and expert advice to make sure you never worry about your cat's health or happiness again. They also do giveaways!

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