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Package Protection

Package Protection

''We LOVE the KittySpout! Simple design, works great, easy to clean'' -Andrea T, USA
The only water fountain your cat will ever need. Completely silent and eliminates the need to turn on the tap, while providing your cat with fresh, filtered water all day long.
  • No more sink sipping
  • Keep your cat happy & healthy
  • Super quiet & easy to clean

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Club A Kitten Guarantee

30 min or 365 days from now... If you wouldn’t club a kitten to stay on as a customer, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

100% Cat-Safe Materials

All of our products are Food Grade & FDA compliant.

Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health as it helps ensure proper kidney function and helps prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary tract infection.

The KittySpout, is a revolutionary new device that will keep your cat healthy and hydrated all day with a healthy constant stream of water.

Prevents Disease & Sickness

According to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, one of the most common cat health problems is chronic kidney disease

Improve Your Cats Health & Happiness

The KittySpout provides your cat with fresh, clean water all day long. Ensuring your cat is always properly hydrated.

Veterinarian Recommended

The EPA has cited that active carbon filters remove up to 80 chemicals found in tap water and are effective in reducing another 52.

What Makes KittySpout Different?

The Quietest Cat Fountain Ever

The KittySpout is the quietest cat water fountain on the market. Unlike other cat water fountains, the pump doesn't make any annoying buzzing sound that scares your cats and annoys you. So you can watch your cat play and hydrate in peace.

Enough Water For 2-3 Days

Unlike other fountains the KittySpout holds up to 2L of water, saving you time from constantly having to fill up water bowls. As well, it is impossible for your cat to knock over. 

Easy To Clean & No Splashing

Designed with only three main parts, our design prevents any splashing and makes cleaning an easy job. Cleaning your cat water fountain has never been easier. The parts easily come apart so you can have your KittySpout cleaned in less than ten minutes. 

Removes 99% Of Impurities

The triple action filter removes magnesium and calcium from tap water. These minerals can accumulate in your pet’s lower urinary tract and lead to urinary tract infection, which is a common health issue for cats.

Additionally, our filters remove chlorine odors and bacteria, and retains stray hairs, sediment and debris.

Don’t take our word for it...


Worked Great For My Faucet Loving Cat

My cats love this and drink more water then they ever did. I like that the bowl is wide so they don't get whisker fatigue.

Teri Hogan
Los Angeles, CA

Purchased Two, We Couldn’t Be More Pleased!

My cats love this!! I have 2 and all my cats drink from it. The old bowls get nasty with a slimy feel. These have activated carbon filters and so far have never felt slimy. Wash each week and they work great.

Jody Williams
Austin, TX

Our Cats Love It!

We are so happy we found this water KittySpout!! Our beloved girls are drinking more water and are enjoying it! We will be getting another one to have around the house.

Brad Burns
Chicago, IL

Holy Grail Fountain!

I can't tell you how many fountains I've bought over the years, none of which interested my cats (then and now) one bit and were a pain to clean. But the KittySpout was an instant hit with all three of my boys. Thank you for finally getting it right!

Stephanie Whitaker
Miami, FL

Buy the bundle packages, a steal

I just wanted to come say thank you! I've been trying to get my cat to drink from a bowl her entire life and she's always chosen to drink from one of the faucets in my house instead.Well, my KittySpout finally arrived, I hooked it up, and she instantly started drinking from it! I couldn't believe it, and the best part? super easy to clean!

Elliot Whitmore
Aspen, CO


Yes, the Kittyspout needs an AC adapter. It's not included in the package, but we sell it as a complementary product!

We recommend changing the filter once a month to ensure fresh, clean water.

If your cat doesn't like it, or avoids it we recommend waiting 3-4 days so your cat can get used to it. If they are still avoiding it we recommend using catnip on the spout to help get your acquainted to it.

No, it holds up to 2L of water and is too heavy for your cat to knock over.

We offer 100% free pump replacements. Just send us an email at

Yes, it does!

The USB chord is about 3 ft.

No, it's ABS and Food Grade PP

Our warehouses are located all around the world, so we can ship your product to you in the fastest possible way from the closest location.